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David Pillar

David Pillar - Hemp - May 11, 2012

David Pillar discussed hemp, hempcrete advantages (building with hemp) and the many nutritious advantages of hemp seed oil.  David can often be found with  the sustainable living roadshow teaching about hemp in the hemp hut.  Hemp is also a very nutritious food.  Here is more information on hemp nutrition.  We learned many things from David, and especially interesting was one of the products made from hemp called "hempcrete" which is similar to concrete, but instead uses hemp.  The benefits of building with hempcrete are:

●    low density

●    breathability

●    flexibility in design

●    mold resistant

●    no dry rot

●    can be recycled at the end of its life cycle

In addition to those benefits the cost savings of building with hempcrete are:

1. Shallower or smaller foundations required

2. 30-40% less lumber/labor used in framing

3. Lower transport costs of materials to job site

4. Non-deterioration of framing

5. Less building time

6. No vapor barriers, rain screeds or shear walling needed

7. Lower insurance costs

8. No need for termite fumigation after construction