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Laurel Dewey - Author - "Betty's (Little Basement) Garden"

Laurel Dewey started her career in the field of Public Relations, where she worked promoting stars such as Barbara Streisand, and Frank Sinatra.  Later she worked for BOP magazine, as an editor, helping to launch teen pop groups such as "New Kids on the Block." 

Later Laurel went on to write successful, award winning,  mystery plays,  followed by a Western Novella "In the Name of the Land." 

Laurel has produced and written radio ads and promos, as well as a collection of short stories.  She has done freelance work as an investigative journalist and been a promoter/editor of children's books. 

She has written hundreds of articles on alternative health, has a degree in herbalism, and has appeared as a featured guest on several hundred radio and tv shows.

Laurel is the author of the "Jane Perry" mystery/detective series of books, which there are links to below.  The most recent in the series, titled, "Knowing" is to be released December, 2012.  

With her extensive writing and speaking background in alternative health, and her geographical location of Colorado, she found herself asking about the medical marijuana industry that was sprouting up around her.  Although she had researched healing herbs for two previous books she authored, she never dreamed that marijuana was the medicine that it in fact is. 

Prior to her research, Laurel believed the lies, and propaganda about marijuana not being useful as medicine, and has since walked away more informed and authored a "no" rebuttal to the question "Is Marijuana Addictive?" for the Huffington Post, as well as a  Fiction story titled "Betty's (Little Basement) Garden," whose main character is the opposite of what would be expected, if one were to believe the propaganda.  Perhaps her past experience in public relations is being channeled thru the book to cast a different light on marijuana, since the main character is not what a typical person, who still believes the propaganda would expect.  Yet there are people in real life, similar to the main character Betty, you just don't hear about them. 

The interview with Laurel Dewey is live at 5pm pst / 6 mtn / 7 central / 8 est, and will be uploaded to an audio player on this page the following morning.