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Unimaginable tragedy struck this week in Connecticut.  Our "Facebook Cannabis Post of the Week" is from J. Nayer Hardin who happened to grow up in Connecticut, and was reflecting on the past while attempting to bring resolve to the present day.

J. Nayer Hardin - December 2012

 "Oooops. I forgot. In the 1960's I thought about killing my family, puberty drama. My friend Mark Montgomery said, don't do that, come to the apple orchard and smoke weed. I did. I did not kill my family and have lived a relatively happy and loving life ever since. HEMP IS THE PEACEFUL SOLUTION!

I think somebody should have reached to the Newtown shooter the way my brother/friend Mark reached to me, at the moment I felt my most alone. If you smoke reefer, reach to those alone and give them a reason to create joy. Hemp is a powerful reason to create joy!" 

~ J. Nayer Hardin


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