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Dr. Phil Leveque

Dr. Phil Leveque - 90 Year Old Marijuana Advocate - August 9, 2013


 Dr. Phil Leveque: “The Coolest 90 Year Old on Planet Earth”! This from Tim and Bonnie King of Salem-news.com and I believe it.  Doc Leveque spent much of his life in Oregon, or maybe I should say spent most of his “lives” in Oregon because as history and the Kings tell us; “Doc Leveque's life is made up of a bunch of lives put together.”

His father was a Construction Superintendent for sawmills in the Pacific Northwest and discouraged his sons from entering the industry, so Doc went to college and studied chemistry.
In May of 1944 Doc volunteered for the Army believing he would be a chemist but instead was made a point man, scout and forward observer, some of the most dangerous positions in the Army.
One time near the Rhine river Doc and another soldier captured 26 Nazi Officers who were having a meeting inside a commandeered farmhouse!
Doc spent his time in Pattons 3rd Army and saw plenty of death and suffering, one time even walking from Luxembourg to Czechoslovakia. And, although he never caused the death of anyone, he was left with PTSD.

After the war, Doc Leveque was assigned to Eisenhower's headquarters as a public health statistician.
Upon leaving the Army, Doc Leveque went back to school to further his education and obtained degrees in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Toxicology, and Osteopathy.

He was a Professor of Pharmacology, employed by the University of London for 2 years; and he personally trained the first doctors in Tanzania.

Are you starting to see why it is said that Doctor Leveque has lived many lives all put together?
And we all know the old commercial line “But WAIT! There’s More!!!” And there is!

Doc Leveque was one of Oregon's first toxicologists and in cases where he testified, the jury was swayed to his testimony 80% of the time.

Dr. Leveque ("Doc") was instrumental in the creation of Oregon law that allowed the use of Medical Marijuana in the late 1990's.  He worked with Paul Stanford to launch the THCF Clinics, and the Doc signed 5,000 applications for the sick and dying in Oregon. He helped at least 500 Veterans receive relief with the non-lethal, non-synthetic Cannabis plant.

With such conviction comes opposition and as a result Doc was singled out in the war on drugs and lost his ability to practice medicine. Because he had a unique understanding of the effects of PTSD, he specialized in treating Veterans during his years as a doctor in Molalla, Oregon. Many of them attribute their success in overcoming hard drug and alcohol addiction to his help and support.

Doc is still helping people understand how important marijuana is as a harm reduction strategy for hard drug addicts. Now in case you think Doc Leveque did all of this by himself in a vacuum, let me assure you this is a false notion.  He survived his wife Eve, who was a Holocaust survivor and suffered her own form of PTSD. Her solution was to keep busy, and that was easy with Phil as a partner. What a hoot they had together, they and their five kids and the adventure of a lifetime. She was a very committed, highly respected nurse and also an artist. Her paintings are awesome and intense. They tell the story of a little girl whose father, a prominent Jewish German physician, barely survived the war. 14 out of 16 of his relatives disappeared during the war and were never seen again. They were likely murdered like so many other people who Hitler's forces claimed. She was sent to England and was saved.

Thank you to the Leveque's for their service... and thank you to the Kings for the great bio information.