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Cannabis Destiny

Imagine a world where the human race is thriving in a perfectly symbiotic lifestyle. The entirety of the worlds inhabitants enjoying a lush and fertile surrounding. Sickness’ of most types are easily fought off due to our resilient immune system that has grown almost impenetrable over its years of exposure to illnesses and their inevitable defeat.

This is the future we were destined to have. Our planet was overflowing with all the necessary possibilities for a life rich in health and sustenance. This was a once future possibility, but that is no longer the case. Our path to glory was laid out in front of us. Yet we chose to line our pockets and look to the present, seeking momentary gain instead of long term prosperity.

Finding articles about the positive attributes of cannabis are everywhere you look. Not to say that they aren’t correct; because most are. However, I am taking it one step further based on some information that is by no means new, but new to me and most likely all of you. Information that caused me to see cannabis in a new and more profound light. One that suggests we are not only unharmed by it, but rather created to utilize and thrive within it. 
Since the beginning of traditional medicine, cannabis has been used to cure or treat a wide range of illness. Its medicinal properties are no longer denied by the medical field. They are being researched and developed on all fronts. They are discovering, for the second time, how miraculous this plant can be. We, as Americans, or rather our government, are behind the times when it comes to embracing an obvious truth; cannabis can save lives and, not to mention, heal the planet. This is a truth that the majority is beginning to see despite our government’s best efforts. A truth that is beginning to appear more relevant than ever before.
Our bodies are specifically designed with proteins called “receptors” that have a very important job. Think of them like gate keepers of our body’s important chemicals. When a specific molecule comes along with the right key, the correct actions for that cell are taken, such as to divide, die, or allow specific substances to enter or exit. For example, when one drinks a cup of coffee, the subsequent caffeine makes its way through the system and binds to specific receptors. This allows us to feel that energetic boost we’ve all come to know and love. What I find incredibly profound is the fact that we are all born with specific cannabinoid receptors designed to utilize cannabis for the optimization of the human body; and note that we do not have receptors for everything we can throw into our bodies. These are special and there for a reason.

They are categorized as a class of cell membrane receptor called the “G protein-coupled receptor” super family. This class of receptor is involved in the body's fight against disease, and is also the target of approximately 40% of all modern medicinal drugs. The human brain has more cannabinoid receptors than any other G-protein-coupled receptor. When these receptors are made active by cannabinoids and various other nutritive substances, they protect cells against viruses, harmful bacteria, cancer, and other malignancies and fully live up to their “super family” title. This knowledge is very well documented however, rarely publicized. Why is information of this nature, that could prolong our lives, kept from the public eye? Well, if you’ve been following me this far, you already have that answer; and I haven’t even scratched the surface. 
There have been several major scientific studies to show that human breast milk not only contains cannabinoids that are similar to those that occur in marijuana but actually plays a vital role in the suckling process as well as others. It is the presence of these cannabinoids that stimulate the newborn to eat and triggers a desire to eat in the future. This natural process is crucial to human development. They also stimulate neurogenesis during pre-natal development (neurogenesis is responsible for populating the growing brain with neurons) maintaining proper brain growth. This information may seem fantastical and untrue when first seen. I know because even I felt the same way. We have been raised and conditioned to see cannabis as evil and wrong. To find out that this information has been studied, tested, and proved many times over makes me see more than ever what our government feels is most important; and I hope this shows that it’s not our well being. These findings are only now beginning to gain publicity due to the changing public stance on cannabis brought about by advocates.
These cannabinoids, whether they derive from a plant or our bodies, are part of us. They are made to bind with the human body and elevate it to a level of super efficiency. The implications of this information transcend the idea of civil rights and cross over into predestination. Are we designed as human beings to thrive with this substance? Were we crippled by the lack of this super nutrient at the apex of human cultural development? Are we now failing our youth without it? These are questions that supersede money or possession. Ones that ask who we are as a nation, more importantly, who we are as human beings. These are questions we all need to ask ourselves, that are far more  important than we ever realized.