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Should I be Ashamed?

 mike boutin


In episode 5 of Weed Country on the Discovery Channel my Wife Tawni said “I am not ashamed of what we do or who I am."

I said “You shouldn’t be!” Which is true, but that’s not the end of it.

Someone should be ashamed, it’s just not us.

Those in positions that are suppose to command our respect are the ones who should be ashamed.  Our Country should be ashamed. Our Politicians, our Police, our Doctors, all of them and I could expand the list.

I listened to Corrie Yelland tell me how she cured her cancer for $3000 making RSO one ounce of weed at a time.  I listened to Dennis Hill a biochemist from the cancer industry tell me a similar experience about his prostate cancer.

Considering that we have known since the early 70’s that marijuana or cannabis can put cancer into remission, someone has to explain why we still treat cannabis as a criminal issue?  Or why growers of a medicinal healing plant have to hide?

A lady from Texas who Corrie met online in search of answers, had the same cancer but took the regular route and died. Corrie used Cannabis Concentrate, aka RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) and is cancer free in Vancouver B.C.

Why isn’t cannabis or marijuana medicine the norm if it works so well?  Why is it that medicine that has only been around 100 years is considered mainstream medicine, but cannabis which has been used medicinally for thousands of years is considered an alternative?

Consider for a minute that the lady from Texas spent $300,000 and died, and that Corrie spent $3000 and lived, maybe it will become more clear.

I have made cannabis medicine for people and I am not ashamed of that.

It struck me though when I was in the process of doing it for a woman who didn’t want to lose her husband of 35 years... Why am I the one that has to do this?

We have known since 1949 that something in the marijuana plant is helpful with epilepsy and yet today children are still being allowed to die upon the alter of modern medicine.

Modern medicine which refuses to buck the system.

Again, why? Cannabis saves lives, period.  And the lives it doesn't save it greatly increases their quality of life.  Isn’t that the highest good?

If a farmer can make with little trouble or special equipment, medicine that can save lives, why should they be ashamed?

Instead, shouldn’t the politicians who go back and forth between working for us and working for the companies that extract wealth from the common man be ashamed?  You can bet they are juggling right now to centralize control of the cannabis industry.  This will mean less jobs, less health, and less wealth.

Those who support laws against nature so the companies that supported their election can profit off of your poor health are the ones who should be ashamed.

Ashamed because they represent themselves and the special interest that put them there, instead of the people in their district.

Shouldn’t our police, who mostly as a rank and file group know that cannabis use isn’t the evil it is portrayed as, be ashamed?   Ashamed because, despite the fact that they know this, continue to go after that extra overtime for an easy marijuana arrest?   Ashamed because they use marijuana prohibition as a fund raising tool for their departments to buy toys and troops and dogs and all kinds of nonsense because they are fighting a “war”? Ashamed because they violate daily the civil rights of people in this jihad called the war on drugs, they swore to uphold.

All the while they use the “Nuremburg Defense” I was just doing my job!

The only negative consequence of using cannabis in my opinion is police involvement.

Last but not least, the doctors in our Country should be ashamed.

Ashamed because they forgot about prevention and treatment of disease and became about treating symptoms with pills.  And if those pills cause some more symptoms, they have some more pills.  Ashamed because they allowed themselves to become tools of an industry that makes poison and harms people. Ashamed because they will denounce marijuana according to the party line while they dispense enough heroin in pill form to kill thousands upon thousands in the prescription pill epidemic.

We are losing Veterans to suicide at epidemic rates from PTSD that can be treated with Medical Marijuana quite well in the same way cancer and epilepsy and many other serious health problems, but all are being denied this life saving medicine.

Marijuana has never killed anyone. Marijuana prohibition is killing countless people and flies in the face of science, logic, reason, compassion, freedom and the American way, but what do I know...I am just a farmer.

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